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FunDoo: A Chat-Based Programme for 21st Century Skills

U-Report, as you know, is a free messaging tool, designed to give young people a voice on issues that matter to them and allow for community participation. One of its initiatives is FunDoo 🤖, a chat-based programme that delivers 21st century skills to young people who do not have access to quality education. The programme is available in the Eastern Caribbean area on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Messenger and is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 24.

FunDoo was originally created in India and has been scaled to many other countries, reaching over 300 million adolescents. The objectives of FunDoo are to make learning fun, facilitate experiential learning, leverage accessible technology, and allow for self-paced learning. The curriculum has been adapted to the local context and has been vetted by U-Report’s Youth Steering Committees.

The vision of FunDoo is to enable young people to develop 21st century skills, including personal, interpersonal, and higher order thinking skills, through real-world activities. The curriculum is based on UNICEF's 21st Century Skills framework and is organised as a modular library of tasks that learners can choose from. The chatbot is a friendly companion that encourages learners to complete tasks in their immediate environments and ensures that the learning journey is fun and rewarding.

To start using FunDoo, simply send a DM “FunDoo” on Instagram or tap on the links for U-Report Barbados, U-Report Trinidad and Tobago, or U-Report OECS on WhatsApp. FunDoo will initiate the conversation and provide learners with a fun and engaging way to develop essential skills for a rapidly changing world!

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